My friends call me Rikki, a nickname I got from college when a professor mispronounced my last name. My full name is Julius Reque.  I love to travel, and I love to take photos.  One time I decided to document one of our trips with a video cam.  This video caught the eye of one of the producers at Lonely Planet.  A new interest was sparked in me, so I started creating videos and before I knew it, was commissioning me to produce exciting travel videos for them.  But my passion remains with photography.  When I wake up the first thing I grab is the camera.  During trips I’m usually happiest when I’m looking through the view finder.  Interestingly I find myself making my favorite photos the highlight of the videos that I produce.

My subjects are usually panoramic landscapes, rural and urban scenery and night photography.  I would however, like to photograph more people - a goal that I’m currently pursuing.  In this website you’ll find my creative Portfolio along with links to my personal and traveling life.  Click here to receive my photos in your inbox.  Thanks to my family and friends for their support, and thank you for visiting.